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Fri Dec 2 2022

How many times have you visited a web site and tried following one of the hyper links on the page only to get a "Page Cannot Be Found" message? If your web site includes a links page to help guide your visitors to more information about a specific topic then you have the potential for the dreaded "Page Not Found" message too. It is easy to find these broken links on your page by clicking on them one by one or having your visitors tell you about them. But how about automating the task and getting a notification of the potential problems BEFORE your visitors find them. This is exactly what our LinkTraX service provides.

LinkTraX allows you to verify the links on your web page to see if the target pages are still available. By automating the link verification it frees you from the tedious task of clicking on each on the links so you can concentrate on the more important things in life.

What about the people who link to your site? Well what happens when you want to update your web site and change the whole design? You might want to rename some of your pages. But often you may find that other people have linked to your site in what is called a deep link. This means that they do not link to your main web site page ( but they have a link directly to one of the sub pages ( of your web site. If you wanted to change the name of this page when you redesigned your web site this could lead to a broken link on their page to your site! Why is it important to know about these broken links on someone else's web site? Well when you are surfing the web and run across a broken link what do you do? You move on to the next link on the page. This could be lost revenue for you because the person may end up at a competitors web site by following the next link!

How would you like to be able to see who is sending traffic to your web site and be able to inform them that you are changing the name of one of your web pages so they can update the link on their site? When you use our CounterTraX service, you will be able to see the web sites that send you traffic and see which pages on your site they link to.

Test your links pages today!