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Fri Dec 2 2022

A typical banner.....

Banner ads are very popular and allow you to target your marketing in a much narrower manner. For example it is better to have your web site ad seen by people who may really be interested in what you are offering. If you just place banner ads all over different sites which do not really have any relevance to your products or services then the amount of good traffic you will see is smaller than if the sites have something which compliments your site.

Banner exchanges help to get your banner on a lot of sites and some do offer a little more targeting of your ad to sites which best fit your web site. However keep in mind that you may very well be advertising a competitor's web site on your pages. This is not necessarily a bad thing if you offer competitive rates and better services. This may actually help a visitor do a quick comparison, finish their research and lead to a sale. Hopefully from your web site!

Banners that you use for banner exchanges usually have some restrictions on both the screen size as well as the file size. Keeping the banners identical in size allows a webmaster to format their web page around the banner ad without having to worry about how the pages will show up with different size banners during a banner rotation.

Banner rotation is a process by which the web page will display a different banner each time a visitor accesses the web page. This process allows the web site to have different banners from different and competing businesses on a single page. Banner rotation software can place a set number of impressions for a client during different times of the day. Services, like our CounterTraX, allow you to get a real time look at your web sites traffic and busiest hours, which in turn allows you to show a potential client just how busy the page is and during what time of the day or week. Remember, you may want to charge premium for placing a banner ad on the page during your peak traffic hours!