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Fri Dec 2 2022

When it comes to doing business on the web it is important that you have a strategy for accepting credit cards and checks. If you move into this area without doing your homework then you may find that the cost of taking credit cads is more than the business you are getting from your on line store. But the cost of not going down this road can really take its toll on you too.

Most people who are shopping on the Internet today would like to have the option to pay for the items in several different fashions. Due to the many concerns about security and the Internet, it is very important for you to address these concerns on your web site and provide more conventional ways for people to do business with you.

Conventional means include FAX, a telephone number to call or postal address. remember customer service is a key issue when on line.

On line security is a top priority and you should never take this lightly. Always review your on line procedures for security breaches to your web site. Review and check the security of any shopping cart you are using and NEVER keep any of the personal information or credit card numbers in your web site database. You should always keep the minimum information on your clients in the on line database and take security measures to encrypt and protect this information.

You will need a merchant account to accept credit cards on line. You can find hundreds of them by searching on the words "accept credit cards" in any popular search engine. This is where the homework comes into play. with so many different choices it is hard to pick one. Here are some basic tips which can help you sort through all the choices.

  • Make sure they offer secure transactions!
  • Review and test their customer service
  • Check the integration they offer for your site
  • Compare the setup fees
  • Look for monthly fees
  • Check the transaction fee
  • See how long they hold back the reserve payment from you
  • Compare how much payment they hold in reserve
  • How often do they pay you
  • How do they pay you
  • What do they do for credit card verification
  • Do you need any special equipment or software
  • How do they provide account management and is the interface easy to use