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Fri Dec 2 2022

Good customer service is a MUST when you have a web site. First let's define what I mean by customer service. Customer service is the act of being responsive to incoming messages from your web site. Lets say you have a "contact us" page which sends mail to someone at your company. This should be an email account that you check at least once a day and respond back in twenty-four hours or less! By responding back I am not referring to an auto responder or automated message. I have been to many sites where the response to an inquiry was not treated with urgency and they did not respond for days. In fact I have one site which NEVER answered my request for information. Not once, twice or even eight times but in a two week period I send over ten different requests each referring to the original message. I tracked the non response and made sure that each message was courteous and never contained foul language but emphasized the fact that I had requested the information in a prior message and still had no response. The end result . I vowed never to purchase another product from them and even today I will pay more from their competitor just because of the negative experience I encountered on their web site.

This is something to keep in mind about the Internet and peoples reaction to your customer service. You can not see them or even know they are visiting your on line extension of your business but they are there. Just like a customer whom you ignore face to face, web site visitors will wonder off to your competitors. On line it is so much easier to move on because the next web site is just a click away. Lost business is much easier on line because poor customer service is so prevalent. Don't get caught in this trap when good customer service is so easy to provide.

One of the worst marketing mistakes you can make is to have a web site which makes it difficult for a visitor to contact you in the normal ways which we are all accustomed too. You must always include a postal address or telephone number in addition to the email or form which a visitor can use. ANY site which hides the contact information is one you should avoid! If they are reluctant to provide information such as a telephone number, or postal address then move on to another site and do not do business with them. This is one of the first things you need to look for before you do business with an on-line store. If you are planning to sell things on line then you MUST include this type of information in a easy to find location.