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Fri Dec 2 2022

Reciprocal links are a great and inexpensive type of advertising. Just like the banner and link exchanges they are an advertising method which requires you to place a link from another web site on your pages. In exchange they place a link to your site on their pages. Simple and easy.

But a reciprocal link exchange differs in the fact that you have complete control over which sites you link too. In the exchange programs you are rotating many different links and sites and you have very little if any control over the ad which will appear next on your site. This is how your ad is passed to so many different sites and given so much exposure.

As always, once you have agreed on the sites which you will exchange with, you need to place their link or banner on your site as soon as possible. This shows both good web etiquette and customer relations. Always test the link to make sure it is working properly and then let the other party know that the link is complete and where on your site they can find it. In return they should let you know when the changes to their site are completed.

Always get the web address (URL) of the page which has the link to your site so that you can test to make sure it is working properly. Check this page at least once a month to ensure that your link is not inadvertently removed from their site. Be courteous and remember that not everyone will make the changes to add your link in a timely manor. Many web sites make changes on a weekly or monthly basis. If after a week you do not hear from them then you may want to ask them for an update on the anticipated date when your link will be added to their web site.

Test your links.