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Fri Dec 2 2022

Registering your web site with the most popular search engines will help you in the quest of having other people find you on the Internet. However this is just one of several steps you must take to market your web site. Just having your web site in the search engines does not mean your traffic will instantly increase. Think of the thousands of web sites which offer similar products or services just like yours! When a search engine presents the results it has for what you search on, it will most likely have several hundred or thousand pages of interest which match the search criteria. Most people will only look through the first dozen or so results before they find what they are looking for or get side tracked and start on something else which caught their attention. Search engine placement is a very complicated science. Many of the more popular search engines have extremely complicated rules and algorithms which rank results. So finding your web site is a mix of proper placement in the search engines as well as other marketing.